logo-cozy-bigCozy Heaters

Louisville Tin & Stove manufactures 11 different residential gas fired heaters, under the COZY brand name, that range between 5,000-75,000 BTUs and are available in natural and LP gas. Cozy heaters are ideal for single and multi-family homes, efficiency apartments, mobile homes, cottages, room additions, bedrooms, basements, garages, family rooms, or any applications where space is at a premium.

Louisville Tin & Stove was originally incorporated in 1888. They began as a manufacturer of tinware and stove pipe (Hence, the name!) and evolved into a full-scale oil, wood, coal and gas stove manufacturer and wholesaler!

In the early days,they delivered product on our own horse drawn company wagons; which evolved into our own truck fleet. Today, they maintain a fleet of modern trucks/trailers and pride themselves in delivering all volume orders on our their trucks; not only to all their warehouses, but to their volume wholesalers as well! Though they’ve long been out of the wholesaling business, they have learned the value of having inventory as close to the market/consumer as possible, in the best possible condition! It was true in 1888 and is still true today – “you can’t sell from an empty wagon”!

Today they have 19 Warehouses internationally!!!